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Major business success Pure Water Group in ‘Latin America’

September 12

Pure Water Group reached an agreement with a Spanish total water treatment supplier  for the delivery of a 58 m3/h Continuous Electro Deionization system to Peru. Before transport to the client, the CEDI system needs to be fully wet tested and
prepared for shipment befóre the end of this 2014.


The CEDI system is part of a new water treatment project executed by a
Spanish multinational and of strategic value for our future growth and interest
in the ‘Latin America’ market.


The contract bolsters Pure Water Group’s position and intented presence in
the growing and increasingly important ‘Latin American’ market. During the
tender stage our Spanish Business Development Manager, located in Madrid and
backed-up by the EDI support team located in Netherlands, fulfilled a strategic
role in the information and negotiation process with the client.


Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of High Purity and Ultra Pure Water equipment and
highly specialized in the Continuous Electro Deionization technology. As
Ionpure 'Master Service Provider' we distribute modules and systems from our
European warehouse to water system integrators across the world.


The equipment is implemented in the process and power
industry, the pharmaceutical industry and at hemodialysis centers. The branch
and product knowledge enable us to guarantee qualitative high-end solutions
which meet customer’s expectations on every level.

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