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Pure Water Group active in the CSP market

March 17

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is a promising technology used for generating electricity. CSP has enormous potential and the market is currently undergoing an explosive growth, due to new power stations being build in rapid tempo.


Ultra Pure Water is converted into steam in high pressure boilers and used to drive the turbines.  For the last step in the production of Ultra Pure Water the Electro Deionization technique is used. Pure Water Group specialists have been applying environmentally friendly EDI technology for over 20 years used in various industrial applications.

Recently Pure Water Group has delivered a few more EDI systems used in the thermo solar projects Manchasol 1&2 and Astexol 1 in the Spanish regions Ciudad Real and Badajoz.

New Ultra Pure Water installations for the CSP projects (mainly in Spain and the Middle East) are being prepared, with the collaboration of local watertreatment companies.

Manchasol 1&2